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Bringing believers together

Heavenya is focusing on releasing a new Application called my church. My Church will allow new visitors to have easy access to fellowship opportunities during the week. Small groups will enable them to stay connected and build more quality relationships with other members within the church congregations!

We are actively seeking out ways to help Heavenya improve and further make a kingdom difference. Had an awesome discussion with the team at Sync with God. Continuing to look for ways to collaborate with churches and believers. We currently have a smaller team of active members than before and are hopeful that through consistent meetings with can help rollout new versions of the application. We are also exploring My Church mobile application as a potential automated engagement solution for when people go to church they leave after service and don’t get to know other people in the congregation.

We are also exploring some possibilities for adjusting Heavenya to be more useful for believers please join our group to share your thoughts on how we can improve then join the feedback group thread

So far here at Heavenya we are considering putting one of our projects through to a hackathon and will have more details by August if this is a viable option. Some other exciting news though is we have had some new team members join here in united states. We are hopeful to transition to practices with more consistent meetings and to simplify our code base with improved documentation. Streamline processes and faster really cycles. We are also really excited to announce that we are beginning our fundraising process for our seed round.

Thankful again for a second week here at the Coworking sacred space who has made such an amazing opportunity for us to continue our work on this journey!

Add a Vania we are looking for a merge stack technical cofounder with a passion for the mission. We have made progress in joining a co-working space in Palo Alto. We are still seeking to raise funding to support the mission. We're looking for about $100k-$250k and we hope continue faithfully serving on our mission. Thank you to everyone who has supported us to nowand to those who have quit for or praying and believing for you to find opportunities that are the best fit for you!

Here at Heavenya we are facing overwhelming frustration where some members will help contribute to Heavenya for a little bit and then decide to just disappear. It's going to be important for us to solve this problem going forward to be able to clearly identify why some people are more interested in contributing than others. I guess that's OK but I think the important thing to figure out is who does care and he wants to be a part of the journey over the long haul. The mission can only be accomplished when the team who is involved behind the…

Hear of any we've received 96 applications for partners interested in contributing to a Heavenya. We have a tremendous desire to bring the project a life to better serve the Christian community. We hope to continue to refine our plan to have more efficient execution as time goes on. Thank you so much to everyone who supported us up to this point we hope to continue working toward the mission to see things to fruition✳️

For the team here at Heavenya to move forward at a faster speed. We are looking to a post COVID environment of living in person together as we continue aiming to release a new version of our mobile application soon. With 224 total signups we hope to continue growing a making a difference for believers of all walks in life!

On Heavenya App

On Heavenya by selecting the light blue circle button with the plus + sign you can post your own event.

Event Creation Features
• Add a custom background image of your choice

• Event Name — Set an event name for the event

• Duration — Choose from a few options from One Day, Overnight, Multiple Day, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly.

• Date — choose the day or days you would like the event to take place.

• Time — Set the time in 5 minute intervals

• Location — Post the physical location where the event will be taking…

Hello welcome my name is Daniel Herrington and my name is Travis Mitchell and we are the co-founders of Heavenya. Heavenya is a faith-based 501c3 nonprofit organization based out of Austin Texas. Heavenya is on a mission to unite and inspire christians through technology services we hope to preserve the christian community in the realm of technology. So our current state here at Heavenya is we have a version 1.15 mobile app and in the iOS and Google play store now what does it do well the mobile app allows believers to be two taps and open up away…

Here at Heavenya we are actively working to produce a new version of the app that is more engaging for believers. We are aspiring to develop an application that you would find useful enough to use to find fellowship opportunities near you. Check out the link below to preview it.

Please provide any feedback on changes you would like to see


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